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• GSM/GPSTechnology for strategic access monitoring
• E-LOCK GOLD is an electronic SELF POWERED system which can monitor all kinds of access points. In the event that an attempt is made to gain unauthorised access, it sends
• Model also available with automatic alarm.
• The location of the unit can be trasmited in real time at preset timed intervals.

• E-LOCK GOLD can be easily deactivated by making a call from your mobile phone . If the number is stored in the MEMORY LIST the E-LOCK GOLD will not send an alarm.
• E-LOCK GOLD is guaranteed to last fully charged for long periods of time without the necessity of having to change the battery or recharge it (a life cycle of 1,450 operations).
• E-LOCK GOLD can function at temperatures from -40° to + 85° C.
• E-LOCK GOLD has an internal memory to store information up to 100 characters. The security of the data stored is guarenteed with a password
• E-LOCK GOLD is a strategic system. It is simple and effective and can advise you in real time of the state of almost any access point.
• E-LOCK GOLD In the event of the security cable being cut the device sends an alert (ANTI CUTTING FUNCTION).
• E-LOCK GOLD is able to transmit its global positioning at any time (Latitude – Longitude)
• E-LOCK GOLD doesn’t require any assistance or maintenance.
• E-LOCK GOLD advises you if the battery is dead

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