Container Seals

Container Seal - Barrier Seal
Forkseal C
Forseal C Security Seal
The container seal at the bar is the safest on the market. Today exists in relation to a mechanical product related to container transportation. They are easy to use and give a guarantee against tampering with really high. They act by blocking the central bars of the container so it becomes useless to the various attempts to tamper.
Container Seal - Bolt Seal
Neptuneseal Security Seal
The bolt seals are born to be specifically for container seal . They have outstanding strength and their diameter ranges from 8 to 9 mm and have a tensile strength of greater than 1000 Kg, this container seal is ISO APPROVED and is perfect for long distance shipping and needed to ship in USA, Canada and Mexico .
Container Seal - Cable Seal
Cable Lock
Cable Lock Security Seal
The cable seal is a medium security contanier seal , it protect the contaner even for long shipping . This type of container seal have various sizes of diameter , range from 1 mm to 6 mm , the more the diameter is big more difficult tamper with.
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